The free spirit of an entrepreneur

Homer created “Iliad and the Odyssey”,Eminescu composed “The evening star”, Brancusi has carved “The Infinite column”. All this legends for me, are the most brilliant entrepreneurs. Nowadays ,an successful  entrepreneur is the one which make very fast a billion dollar business and quickly exit, bought by the a big and scary company.


Being entrepreneur means to have gut, to go all the way even if it looks like an impossible mission. If It is an original idea ,if you believe in the concept you created ,you should never sell your project. To support this idea we have the English definition of an entrepreneur “person who is willing to help launch a new venture or enterprise and accept full responsibility for the outcome”.


This hypothesis in most of the cases, it applies to the people who have the entrepreneur spirit acquired by birth. The rest are teached how to plan a business ,how to develop ,to control it and to exit. The problem appear when you need a business-angel to support you huge amount of money or when you want to sell the business to him. He will ask you “Where is your sparkling in your business? What’s the main competitive advantage”. There could be a few relative answer like a lower price, a good location of the shops, but this of advantages can be absorbed by the competition in no time. In the long run you are in the in the hands of fate.


Entrepreneurship is an art, generated by the creative process of the human mind , maintained by the need of evolution. It can be a source of motivation also because it uses all kind of resources tangible , non tangible,capital,human and so on.


After a lot of researches, it has been proven that it is science also, it has some economical and juridical methods of applying the ideas,it implies testing the products, and it generates measurable results.


In time ,the role of the entrepreneur has been minimized due to the specialization of labor from the godfather of the business to the thinker ,having an honorific position in the firm .Taking into consideration the economic purposes may be an efficient solution ,but looking deep into the production process, the know-how ,the charm is diminished to zero.It bring the entrepreneur dream to a plant producing something like everybody else with a poor taste and quality ,but by the economic principle least of effort ,largest of results .


I know today, it’s hard to develop some masterpieces like the one that I presented in the opening of this article ,but it would like to see a bit of more originality, some crazy  stuff because everything we produce, we made eventually come back to us ,what comes around goes around. We are enterprising to make business to make a dream come true, money is just a necessary evil, not a purpose of living  .


Being entrepreneur means to think outside the box and ,you have only a life to do that.




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