Drunk men writing


.  It’s 3 55,Party People! And I’m already in my bed.Same on  me!I had been to a club,a rock-comercial one ,everyone nows it so I’m not gonna advertise it.Of course I had invited a lot of people,mostly girl,a few accepted my call.Anyway it’s still 10 36 ,I’m at the entrance of the club and the girl encharged with the ticket asked me 5 lei.I said what?!I came to student party where is  where entrance with student id card .And she replied me that just from 11 pm the student party starts.

           I’ ve tried to persuade her to let me enter to the party before but it was a youthless effort.I gave up and laying on the stairs bars i was expecting my colleague.It’s almost 11 ‘a clock my colleague arrives and we try to enter to the student party after a lot of debate with the narrow-minded entrance girl.

            My colleague was asking about the girls ,and I said to him that they will come later.Of course,there is a lot of misogynistic philosophy that you ,as a men,you must understand a girl if she didn’t show up,but if it is the vice versa case you are a very big jerk.I’m going to continue with this because  WordPress doesn’t have enough letters to express my whole idea about this topic.

          It was Music,a lot of “bumtzi-bumtzi ” like a use to say,I saw that my colleague it dancing with a girl ,a not so pretty one in fact,but anyway. I’ve nice brunette ,friend of that chick,saying her something that on this song you are my or something like ,she back off,my colleague reacted quickly and told her that’s it’s okay “It’s with me”.Then she suddenly changed her attitude trying a fake smile and trying to invite me to dance .Of course I said to her to Find Ugly Curly Kind OFF.I turn around and dance like nothing happened.

            This was maybe one of the times when I was thinking about my mixt marketing strategy(girls,clothes,talking style,walk) regarding my pick-up style.It’s just too agressive.Then in the bathroom zone,the ones which is going in this club knows the zone,the rest of you can skip this paragraph,I’ve notice a nice tanned girl,which I asked her “Yes or maybe?” she said replied me “Yes” and surprised me so much that I hadn’t any word to fight back.Maybe I could say something like this”…and the answer was would you wanna dance with me,or can I kiss you”,Like in the last scenario my colleague try to rescue me excusing me because of my alcohol influence,pretending to be the nice guy ,in fact he isn’t but anyway.I asked him what the Find Ugly Curly Kind ,dude?I was trying to appeal more mature and so on.Then I explain it:”Dude,associating your imagine with a drunk guy and even emphasize blow up any chances to pick-up a girl.Then he replied me bla bla with I don’t remmeber.Anyway this episode it’s was the exception which strengthens the rule”Instead of trying to pick up a girl you could may try to save the world,it’s more easy it’s has more future outcomes.”

             I guess it was 2 a clock when my colleague decided to go home,I shake his hand and said goodbye,then I run after him:”I’m noy going to stay alone here like a lonely wolf.We went of the club we split our ways back home and this is the moment when the story starts.

              The first obstacle was a pedestrian crossing which I was trying to pass dancing and walking with my back in front.Waiting for me to pass may seem to be a cab,but in fact was the patrol car.Quickly i grab my cellphone and call me colleague:”I was making fun and the police didn’t do anything:))”.He asked me “Dude,where are you”,I said “on the way back home”.”Ok.Go home,and good night,and also be careful you crazy men:))”.”Yeah,yeah”and then ended the call.

          On the middle distance ,a revelation came into my head,what if I will write drunk on my blog,what I’ll write?hm,hard decision.Then,suddenly a men appear in front of asking me “Hi,do you if CWR had a friendly match today?”.I because so nervous:”Why the Find Ugly Curly Kind you are asking me that,you braker”he got scared and try to defense “But it seems that you have a CWR scarf!”.This was my greatest intensity moment of this night even if in this night I’ve danced on Bon Jovi’s song “It’s my life ” ,I shouted to him”Dinamo Bucharest,’48,you braker ,’48!,Oh,was a cool friends Cluj University and Dinamo:)”
The rest of the way was a bit dull to talk about this,I was trying to score like a real classy player throwing a snowflake in air and hit him and nothing out of the ordinary.Then I reached i the front of my door ,I had to try all my 3 keys to see what is the right one .When I entered intro my flat,I run to the bathroom to spit my piece of cold,oh did I mention that it was it thing -20 celsius degree outside?Then I looked at my snickers and I saw that they need to be clean and I clean them,partially:)).

            I’ve removed my shoes ,my clothes,dressing in my dots pajamas ,I’ve opened the computer,trying to match the password,of course I can’t tell you my password,my hintword is lalala,so brainstorming homework for you “guess my laptop password”.

            Aha.  .where was I?here,yeah . . . so I’ve checked my Facebook ,what the Find Ugly Curly Kind ,just 1 notification?!anyway,oh by the way maybe now you will think that I’ve copied mark Zuckerberg in “The social network”movie where he was writing about his girlfriend and in the same time breaking into the school server.I’m not so geek so I’m not copying him and also I don’t have any Jessica Albright in my life to say true painful things. . .

              I’m opening my blog saying that is now 3 55 ,now it’s 5 16 damn it took me an hour and something to write an article on my blog,iM’s still drunk ,I’m still drunk ,I got to get some sleep,otherwise I’ll restart the story with other word and maybe a few lies:))

               So I’m publishing this,Facebook it,tweet it ,LinkedIn it and all the social media channels.Good morning ,everyone!

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