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Happy new year and all bla bla commercial cliché!  It’s 2012,a so scary time in which everyone is stressed about the end of world or the exam session  .I my case ,I guess my lazy feeling which covered me in the last weeks is actually saving me.

There is life ,even after this awful tests ,there is life even after the end of the world ,i guess,my point is not to use this “special events”as an excuse not to go out, met with your friends, colleges  to isolate ,just pretending that your are an eminent student.The most probably scenario is that you are trying to recover all the seminars like every student but not in the night before the exam,with  one week or even two before.It’s just a matter of wasting your time steering at an unopened book ,even if your opportunity cost is flashing telling you “Get a life”.

The tricky part is that ,after all my research,I’ve managed to found a connection between the exam session and the end of the world.Both are obsessive thoughts ,you know that they will happen ,but you consider that like a imminent danger.

Failing an exam or taking part at the soap opera called “The end of the world”,in my view can open new gates.a new beginning ,it may help reconsider your priorities in life.Like my flatmate told me a few days ago when we were discussing a topic related to the feeling of being happy  “If tomorrow you will receive i don’t know.. one million of euro ,what would  you do in order to be happy?You will buy you will invest and so on . .And this things would make you happy?”

My answer was “Partially . . It depends”.Honestly the real answer was a simple man response “NO!”Of course ,that my hesitation came from the feeling that i didn’t want to give the satisfaction to my flatmate about his theory.

All in all ,we be both agreed that thinking too much about the future is taking your most precious joys,and will all end living in a temporal bubble of the future where the present doesn’t exist anymore ,where the happiness remains basic notion learned in school and that can be find only in the mind of the crazy people.It may sound like an apocalyptic approach ,but it’s taking into consideration this though times this phenomenon my occur.

Imagine ourselves like some robots which can be programmed just using some a remote the forward key meaning hurry up and plus a minus for the voice control and others keys for casual things  like forgiveness,oblivion,sex and so on.

Fortunately,this hibernating period will take just 3 week,for one of us maybe a month ,hope not my case :).I wish you all  good luck ,maximum grades ,and i’m expecting to celebrated in Bacchus style with a coup of mulled wine.The nice smell of cinnamon combined with orange peel is tempting my senses,already !


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