My first real blog

Since last year i was considering the idea of having my page where i can post my thoughts,my beliefs.Till now, I used the Facebook wall  to add photo,video,frustration,joy and all the things.But this kind of posting seems to me ,i don’t know,some kind of child play,like in the time when we where kids and we were written in the oracle about the things we enjoy most about music,love,movie and so on.

I felt the necessity to go to the next level,blogging.Of course I’m not a social media expert or something like but this step may be my first door open in the way to the Internet Culture Heavens .I want to discover,to share all the opportunities which this type of communication channel offers .

I’m not expecting to have thousands of comments ,I’m like just a new-born turtle trying to reach the sea.The themes that I will approach in this blog will contain parts of my life,ordinary things ,of course there will be more crazy stories and professional articles about social media ,marketing and all that surround and affects us.

My purpose is to fill in my time with something that can have a positive influence on my student future. I think that good things are still yet to come .

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